How To Make A Tulip Wreath

Are you ready for the fresh new look of spring?? Soon warmer weather and the beautiful new colors of springs will be here before we know it...for me it is always a delightful welcome! So to get we're in the shop making a spring Tulip Wreath!

How To Make A Tulip Wreath - DIY

We begin with a simple straw wreath base to construct this beautiful spring wreath. If you can't find the straw base, you can easily use a Styrofoam wreath base in its place. This look is VERY popular for spring and will be a stunning addition to any area of your home whether indoors or on your front door. I used different shades of pinks however you can choose colors you like and/or would look amazing in your home! :) Here's how to make it:


Straw Wreath Base - 12"

Satin Ribbon - 2.5"

Small Tulip Bushes - 14 to 15

Floral U Picks

Wire Cutters


Hot Glue

How To Make A Tulip Wreath Tutorial:

1. Begin by laying the wreath base on a table.

2. Take the starting point of the ribbon and put it in the middle of one side of the wreath base making sure that the ribbon is falling to the OUTSIDE of the wreath base.

3. Push a floral U pick through the ribbon into the straw wreath base. (This will secure the ribbon t the wreath.

4. Begin to wrap the wreath base with the satin ribbon working over and under the base until the base is completely covered. (Make sure you overlap the ribbon slight to make sure all of the wreath base is covered.)

5. Next, cut the small tulip stems off of the tulip bushes leaving 3" to 4" of stem to work with.

6. Gather 3 individual tulip stems together and place them on the wreath base.

7. Use a floral U pick push it into the straw wreath base just below the small tulip flowers to secure the tulips to the wreath.

8. Place a small amount of hot glue across the floral U pick to secure it.

9. Repeat this step around the wreath until the wreath is completely covered.

10. Next, using 2 tulip stems and the SAME technique, apply to the side of the wreath form until the entire side of the wreath is covered.

11. Cut a 8" piece of satin ribbon and fold in half to create a tulip wreath hanger.

12. Tie the 2 ends together in a knot.

13. Pull the knot tightly.

14. Turn the wreath over to the back side and place the knotted end of the ribbon on top of the floral U

pin you used to secure the ribbon when you wrapped it.

15. Push a U pin through the wreath base on top of the knot and one underneath the knot.

16. Place some hot glue on both of them.

17. Cut about a 3" piece of ribbon.

18. Fold both ends of the ribbon about an 1/8 " over.

19. Place this piece of ribbon over the knotted ribbon hanger to cover the mechanics.

DONE! :)

Make A Tulip Wreath Video...

**Please excuse the ticking sound as the audio seemed to pick up a buzz from the lighting equipment.**

These make beautiful additions to anyone's spring decor. Pick from the many options available and make one for yourself! They are easy, very popular and make wonderful gifts for Valentine's Day, Easter, Spring and Mother's Day.

So, are you ready for spring now?? I hope you enjoyed this Tulip Wreath tutorial and don't forget to follow me on Facebook to see more projects to make for you home!

Take care and be blessed!

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