Ever said..."I need more space!!"

With the holiday season fast approach, creative business owners are running around like CRAZY designing and stocking up on items to offer customers for the huge holiday sales.

This is especially true for wreath designers!

I can see it now, materials and tools piled up everywhere overflowing into other areas of our homes whether it's the kitchen, spare bedroom, basement, garage or any other place that looks like a good piece of available "real estate"! I know all about it...just come visit my house!! LOL

Yet, the bigger challenge is what to do with your beautiful wreaths once you've completed them and have no more room to store them safely until the sale!

I bet you've asked yourself 100 times, "where can I find more space for my wreaths???" I have and out of necessity I have found a great way to store them safely and save you some time!

Tips for storing your wreaths:

  1. Place your wreath for sale in its shipping box.

  2. DO NOT seal it up.

  3. Use the SKU# or an identification number assigned to that wreath and write it on the outside of the shipping box.

  4. Stack your boxed wreaths up in one central location to keep the dry, dust free and safe.

  5. Finally, when your wreath sells, pull it easily from your shipping storage area, do what is necessary to finish sealing it up and ship!

There you go!!! It's a GREAT way to store your finished wreaths, helps keep them secure and safe AND saves YOU time in the end because they are ready to ship!!

More importantly....it give you MORE SPACE!! Your wreaths are stacked on top of each other instead of hanging side by side in a closet, on a wall and rack, etc.

Here's a Facebook LIVE I did recently to help demonstrate what I'm talking about.

Hope this helps some of my wreath designer friends! Its a great way to make life a little bit easier during the busiest time of the time!!

Also, you can check out Creators Digest and Brittany Young, Certified Celebrator here:



Y'all have a great day and...

Be Blessed!!!

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