A Step Ahead Of Making Memories

Yes I know… its no secret its the middle of August, still HOT and humid outside and most of us are trying to squeeze those last vacations, cookouts and barbecues in as our top priority. Its my favorite time of year!!

Yet, admittedly, about this time every year, I start thinking of crisp, cooler Carolina mornings, gearing up for the start of school and anticipating God’s brilliant show of fall colors.

Let me assure you though, I’m NOT dreaming of snow, multi-layered clothing or hot cocoa. (LOL) At least not yet!

It’s also around this time every year, I begin to brainstorm what this year’s family “memory” will be for us. Do y’all do “memory” traditions in your family??

We have a tradition to make a “memory” at one of the holidays each year. Ours is usually at Thanksgiving. You know, something a little extra special to add to those fun, celebratory pictures of family and friends or a keepsake.

Well, this year I’m ahead of myself (which is a rare occasion) and I already have an idea I want to share it with you.

Have y’all ever heard on a Thumbprint tree???

They are quite popular with weddings and family reunions. We did it for a recent family reunion we had in June. It was SUPER easy and so much fun that I'm going to do it for the other side of our family this Thanksgiving!! And, it cost pennies for the value it gives.

This is how our family reunion thumbprint tree came out. And, here's how I did it:

I went to Etsy and purchased this instant "tree" download for $5. Click here for Etsy tree options.

After I downloaded it, I went to our local copy center and had it printed onto heavy, high quality copy paper. I chose to have our design printed on 11 x 17" paper so family members would have plenty of room to sign there names and I knew I could crop it down to be framed. You can choose any size you prefer. My copy was $3.50.

Next, I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased dye ink and an archival pen. I love color so I chose a multi-colored pack yet use your imagination and pick what speaks to you. Price on these will vary depending on what you wish to create.

Then came the FUN!! We all gathered around and had so much fun watching each other "create" this beautiful family tree and signing their names to it. I had copies made of the final version and gave to each family. I LOVE it so much that I'm doing it again!!

What a wonderful way to make a family memory, right??? Its not just for weddings or reunions. You could do it for any occasion and the options are ENDLESS!!

You could do a "Give Thanks" tree, a turkey with thumbprints for the feathers, a Christmas tree with prints as the ornaments, a family monogram with a leafed wreath circling the monogram and have family thumbprints as the leafs on the wreath. Or, a tradition tree like this one.

By the way, this thumbprint family tree idea is just one option. Last year, I made "Thankful" t-shirts and we had a family picture made.

Let me just say I'm SUPER excited I'm a step ahead of making this year's family memory.

And, I want to encourage you to try it or start one!!! With the holidays coming up sooner than we think...now would be a great time to think about what YOUR family "memory" could be.

Whatever you choose or try, my hope for you is that you enjoy the creative process with each other!!

There's nothing more important than family and preserving memories is a wonderful way to REMEMBER these times.

Let me know if I can help y'all in any way!!

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