Is the 3rd Time Really A Charm????

I'm sure you’ve heard that ole saying, “the third time’s a charm” and it has a pleasant almost celebratory ring to it doesn’t it? Yet, for me, I can’t help but wonder is the third time going to be a charm?

You see, I find myself in a peculiar place filled with uncertainty, excitement and wonder about what’s to come. I’ll have to admit, my two previous “charms” have been AMAZING paths I’ve walked (and sometimes ran) down one as a young woman trying to find my place in the world and the other as a wife and stay-at-home “mama” raising two beautiful children. But soon, much sooner than I’d like, the day will come when my path will once again change. I will become an “empty nester” or at least that’s what I’ve heard it called.

Did you know the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines an “empty nester” as “a parent whose children have grown up and moved away from home” and I find it hilarious that it’s actually a definable term. But yes, that’s going to be me…with one child already out and the other headed towards the door.

Now I know I’m no different than any other parent…we all either will or have reached the point where you find yourself wondering what happened?? How could time have passed so quickly?? And, I find myself walking around repeating to myself, “Wait, but wait… I’m not ready for it!!” Yet, slowly, and without any choice, I’ve adjusted to the reality that it IS happening and I’ve began to think more importantly, what do I do now?? What on earth am I going to do??????

My husband, “Salty Dog” and I have joked for many years over our marriage whether the glass is half full or half empty. And y’all I’ve ALWAYS seen MY glass as full!! (I’ll let you guess who tends to see the glass half empty ;). So with a FULL cup of excitement, a little bit of nervousness, and a willingness to give it my best shot, I’ve decided to focus on the creative side of my life and expand my creative business. What an incredible opportunity and blessing it is to see if this third time will be a charm also! And, I’m SUPER excited!!!

I hope to offer you beautiful custom creations for you and your home, share with you many styles, techniques and resources for YOU to tap into your creative side and teach you ways to make cute, charming, elegant and beautiful pieces you can enjoy for yourself or in your home, give as gifts, or even sell.

My happy place is when I am in the middle of discovering all the various tricks and techniques to make something pretty and unique whatever it may be. You could say my creative juices flow in many different ways and I’m drawn to the fun, funky and whimsical side of life. So grab your scissors, glue gun, paint and brushes, tape measure, glitter bottles, stencils and wood and let’s get started!!! If there’s one thing I know it is this…the ability to create is a gift and a blessing. And, for me y'all, I’m PLUM BLESSED!!!!!!

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